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As with many parents, it only took one visit to MCHVF to realize that this was the perfect school for our children. From the beautiful park setting to the thoughtful and caring staff, it is truly a special place.  The teachers are nurturing and loving while providing the structure and guidance needed to learn, grow, …

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From the moment we visited MCHVF seven years ago, we knew we had found a place for our son.  Now, after our second child is graduating from Kindergarten this year, we can attest to the incredible place it is.  The high-quality education and thoughtful curriculum delivered by amazing teachers all taking place in a beautiful, …

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Both our daughters attended Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge (MCHVF) for multiple years.  Our oldest for two years and our younger daughter for four.  I still remember the day I first visited MCHVF as we looked to move our oldest daughter into a Montessori style education.  The school took my breath away.  The setting …

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Chi Chi

MCHVF is an amazing environment for children to learn, grow and blossom. We’ve been fortunate to have both children pass through from Toddler to Kindergarten. The teachers are intelligent, loving and caring beyond the classroom. My children have opposite personalities, but the entire staff (not only the classroom teachers) meet each child right where they …

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After having visited many Montessori schools, we were relieved when we walked into MCHVF because we knew we had found home. The journey that my three boys would go on was filled with wonderment, friendship, and constructive challenges. The teachers cared so much for the children and were passionate about their work. Years later, I …

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Erin, Andrew and Ellie

To Miss Leah, Miss Lauren and Miss Erika- the fearless, fabulous leaders of the toddler clan of MCHVF, It is an impossible necessity of parenthood that we must sometimes make choices for our children with, essentially, no idea what we are doing. From the moment I laid eyes on my chatty, bossy, dancey, hungry, clever little girl, I knew only two things absolutely: that I was in way over my head, and that even so, I would spend every day trying to help her become the very best and happiest person she could be.

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