Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge, established in 1963, is a school that serves children from 1 to 6 years of age. Following the Montessori Method, our classrooms are prepared environments with specially designed manipulative materials that allow for learning, exploration and various sensory experiences. The hands on learning activities offered are leveled to the child’s ability and interest, and are prescribed by our tenured, trained teachers to assess each child’s needs.

Situated in beautiful Valley Forge National Historical Park, our classrooms feel more like homes with child-sized furniture, rugs for floor work and readily accessible materials and supplies. The beauty and organization of the classrooms help the child feel at ease and enticed to work. The classrooms also offer every opportunity for independence and care for self and the classroom environment.


The journey at MCHVF begins with our Parent-Child program, offered to children from 1 to 2 years of age. During these early years, the young child is able to work alongside their parent/caregiver in an environment that encourages independence, with materials specific to their developmental needs. It is also an introduction to the MCHVF community for both parent/caregiver.


From 25 months-3 years, our Pre-Primary program continues to foster independence and develop fine and gross motor skills, but this time without the assistance of a caregiver. The Pre-Primary child comes to school 2, 3 or 5 days, depending on preference. This first experience of going to school independently prepares the child for the following year, when they will enter a 3-6-year-old mixed age classroom.

Primary First Year (3/4 Year Olds)

Following the Montessori method, our Primary classrooms are of mixed 3-6-year ages in the morning. The children stay with their morning teacher for a 3-year cycle where they are able to build on their skill set and confidence year after year.

Entering the classroom as a Primary First Year student, the child is introduced to new materials and a dynamic community. The older children are examples, teachers and idols. They are inspired to work and grow socially and emotionally in their new classroom. The Primary First Year Program is available for Half-Day or Full Day for 5 days a week. the Full Day program is comprised of all 3-4-year olds and is an extension of the Montessori morning, with additional outdoor play and age appropriate crafts and activities.

Pre-K (4/5 Year Olds)

In their next year as a Pre-K student, the child comes in with a new confidence they didn’t have in their 1st year in the classroom. They are introduced to deeper academic work, and are now leaders for the youngest children in the classroom. Pre-K students also stay 3 or 5 afternoons (depending on the parents’ choice) for a program designed specifically for their age group, which focuses on the biomes of North America and further work with Montessori math, language and sensorial materials.

Kindergarten (5/6 Year Olds)

The child’s work as a Primary First Year and Pre-K student culminates in their 3rd year in the classroom when they become a Kindergartener. The Kindergarten student is the leader of the classroom and solidifies their knowledge in this all important 3-year-cycle ending year. The Kindergarten child is also a teacher, which not only helps the younger children, but also further cements the knowledge and expertise of the Kindergarten child. Kindergarteners stay for the full day, 5 days a week, spending their afternoons with a Kindergarten age class.

Please visit each programs’ individual page listed below for more detail about what MCHVF has to offer.

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