Faculty & Staff

Our excellent teachers and faculty are dedicated to providing the best possible Montessori education for our students and ensuring that each child reaches his or her full potential in a nurturing and academically stimulating environment.

Siobhan Bayle

Parent-Child Teacher

Mary Ellen Biehl

Head Teacher, 3-6 & Extended Day

Marie Bruner

Spanish Teacher

Dr. Nicole Chaikin

School Psychologist

Lisa Chodaczek

Assistant Teacher, 3-6 & Pre-K

Eunice Chung

Head Teacher 3-6 & Pre-K

Brianna Cunnane

Assistant Teacher

Jess DiMartini

Admissions Director

Deanna Downey

Assistant Teacher, 3-6 & Extended Day

Mary Pat Elison

Assistant Head of School

Mary England

Finance Director

Barbara Fox

Art Teacher and After School Teacher

Ana DaCosta

Head of School

Bita Javadianfard

Assistant Teacher / Supervisor of Assistants

Lesley Jordan

Assistant Teacher, 3-6 & Kindergarten

Kim Kontes

Assistant Teacher, 3-6 & Kindergarten

Jessica LaMastra

Head Teacher, 3-6 & Kindergarten

Emily Lowe

Assistant Teacher

Ann Marie McShea

Gym Teacher

Davida Pike-Benrahou

Educational Director and Head Teacher, 3-6 & Kindergarten

Keely Sibilia

Music Teacher

Leah Stover

Head Teacher, Pre-Primary

Tina Urban

Assistant Teacher

Blair Yohannan

Head Teacher, 3-6 & Pre-K

Planning a Visit?

We look forward to sharing our beautiful campus and school with you. Please call 610-783-0110 during business hours, or contact us via our request form.