Alumni Stories

As we celebrate our 60th Anniversary, we are highlighting some of our amazing alumni, the impact MCHVF had on them and where they are today.

Benjamin & Jonathan D’Alessandro

The two years I spent at MCHVF were a meaningful and impactful experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, whether I was counting beads or learning how to cook.  Looking back, I realize that the Montessori approach made a significant difference in how much I enjoyed my pre-k and kindergarten years.  Thanks to MCHVF, learning …

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Krysta Hopp

“This is my school, my place to work and play, Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge PA!”…a melody I have known since I graduated from the school in 1987. Although 36 years have passed, I still have so many vivid memories of my time there, including the infamous Halloween parade and “weird dress-up day”, as …

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Elizabeth Burke

My time at MCHVF was filled with so much fun and joy. I was quite imaginative at a young age, often getting lost in my thoughts and the stories I would come up with in my head. The environment and learning methods at MCHVF fostered my imaginative side, and further set the foundation for the …

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Julie Gosse

I am fortunate to have both graduated from the Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge (MCHVF) and watched my three kids thrive in the school. My early years at MCHVF instilled upon me a love of learning, curiosity, and independence. I fondly remember spending time outdoors in nature. I continued this love of learning and …

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Zach Highley-Gergel

Zach Highley-Gergel MD Candidate | Class of 2023, Youtuber Sidney Kimmel Medical College Thomas Jefferson University   Montessori instilled values for learning and life, such as curiosity, resilience, and an excitement to learn, from the beginning. One particularly fond memory for me was learning how to cook from such an early age! I remember building …

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Kathryn Burke

I have many fond memories from my time at Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge. From what I remember and from what I’ve gathered from my parents over the years, I was learning and growing in so many ways: academically, emotionally, developmentally, and socially. I remember Montessori as a safe space to try new things …

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Ethan O’Shea

Hi, I’m Ethan O’Shea. I graduated from Montessori Childrens House of Valley Forge in 2016. I was in Mrs. Davida’s class for AM, Pre-K and Kindergarten. My favorite memories of Montessori are baking rolls every day and then getting to eat them at snack time and then the number lines. For the number lines you …

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Harry Highley-Gergel

I remember being a very curious little boy, and I remember Montessori satiating that curiosity by providing me with novel and engaging activities every day. The variety of subjects I was exposed to gave me the opportunity to, for the first time I can cognizantly remember, develop piqued-interests. I remember playing with building blocks, and …

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Melanie Moyer-Rosenberg

When I reflect on my years as a young child, some of my fondest memories are those at MCHVF. From the pink tower and counting beads to my kindergarten graduation song, I remember it all. I spent many, many years at MCHVF, not just the years I was a student there. Not only did both …

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